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perjantai, 10. toukokuu 2019

Types of Fishing: Learn Different Fishing Methods

Related imageFishing is always great fun for everyone. Most of us never miss an opportunity for fishing. There are various fishing methods around the world. These methods can vary from region to region.

Saltwater fishing and river fishing are different from each other. There are so many factors which makes them different from each other. In this article, I am going to tell you about the various types of fishing methods.


Different types of fishing methodImage result for Different types of fishing method

There are several types of fishing techniques available around the world which are popular among the fishermen of different parts of the world. In this post, you will come to know about different fishing techniques.


Types of fishing

Where there is water, there is fish available there. Most of you are eager to know some tips and tricks of catching more fishes. You may be wondering why should you read this post about types of fishing. For those, I want to say, there are so many opportunities around you. There could be some other methods of fishing that you don’t know. Because of this unawareness, you may be missing some excellent chances to catch more fishes.

There are so many ways to catch fishes in fresh water and salt water. Here I am going to talk about the most common types of fishing. They are:

Bait Fishing

Bait fishing is the most commonly used fishing method all around the world. If you have ponds, lakes or rivers around you, at least once you must have tried this format of fishing. Bait fishing is the oldest and traditional ways of catching fish which is also known as still fishing.

This kind of fishing is usually done in lakes, ponds, rivers, and other freshwater sources. It needs very basic equipment of fishing such as a rod, a reel, a hook and bait for the fish.

With this method, you can only catch freshwater fishes as you are doing this in freshwater sources. In this process, you don’t have to go to the middle of the water with a boat or kayak. You can do it by standing at the side of the water. Just throw the fishing line into the water attaching a bait with the lure. You can use a garden worm as your bait or simply you can use plastic worms as your bait to catch fishes. You can cast it with your hands to the desired area or to the area where you think the fishes can stay. You can catch bass, catfish, crappies, perch and many more freshwater fishes in this method.


Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing is also known as boat fishing. Boat fishing is becoming popular day by day. Sometimes this method is so useful than fishing from the shore because some fishes don’t even come close to the shore. So, many people take a boat and go in the deep water of the lake, big pond and calm rivers for catching fishes.

When you want to catch some specific fish that doesn’t come near the shore and you are serious about catching it, it is essential to go in open water. If you want to reach there, there is no better option than a boat to go there. A kayak, canoe or any other type of boats will help you in this case.

There are so many types of boat available to use in this kind of fishing. Depending on the boat type, offshore fishing can be of different types. Offshore fishing types include rowboats, motorboats, sailboats, canoe, and motor powered boats. This can be done both in fresh water and salt water. While trolling, you may catch trout, pike, tuna, salmon and many other kinds of fishes.


Fly- Fishing

While you are doing fly-fishing, you have to constantly cast your rod and that’s why it is different than other fishing types. This type of fishing is very popular around the world and many people love to do this kind of fishing. You have to be very perfect in your technique while doing this. You can also try it if you are a beginner but there is no other option than constant practice to master this skill.

When you are casting the fishing line, you will be casting only with the weight of the line. There will be a tiny fly at the end of the line which is very lightweight and will not give you any momentum.

You need strength and delicacy for fly-fishing. Though this method is a little bit complex than other fishing methods but the excitement you will feel in it, is much bigger than other methods.  You have to use a very lightweight rod for doing this because you have to cast a lot with it. Most of the fly fishing rods are made from fiberglass.

Another equipment you will need is to fly fishing combo. You will also need fly lines and other equipment also. Though fly anglers use live baits for fly fishing, nowadays some people are also using artificial flies. You can catch trout, pike, salmon and other fishes with this method.



There are so many methods available in the world for catching fishes. Among them, I have described the mo0st common methods. You can choose any of these methods or can also try some other methods to catch fishes. No matter whether you are an amateur or professional, doing more practice with your method will make you more expert in fishing.

perjantai, 10. toukokuu 2019

Kayak Fishing Tips

Image result for Kayak Fishing TipsFishing is always great fun. There are very few people who haven’t gone for fishing at least once in their life.

There are many types of fishing around the world. Among them, offshore fishing is a very exciting one. Kayak fishing is one of the offshore fishing types. Kayak fishing has become very popular in the last few years over the world. In this article, I will give you some tips about kayak fishing to make your kayak fishing experience more exciting from the beginning.


Tips for Kayak FishingImage result for Kayak Fishing Tips

If you are wondering about being alone in the open sea and catching fishes like tuna, wahoo and many more, then kayak fishing is the proper choice for you. In this post, you will find some important tips about kayak fishing which will help you to do better in this.


Consult a Kayak Fishing ExpertImage result for Consult a Kayak Fishing Expert

You can contact a kayak fishing expert before going on a trip. Anglers who have been in this activity for some years has vast experience. They may don’t consider themselves as experts but their experience will help you a lot when you are a beginner.


Where to Kayak FishImage result for Where to Kayak Fish

The place where you will go for kayak fishing depends on your personal choice. There is no limit on places to fish. You can make your choice by considering some facts such as paddling distance, available time and weather condition of that particular area.  Make a good plan before going fishing. Use your local area map or google maps for going in an unknown area.  If you choose a circular route, then it will give you more opportunities for fishing. 


Develop Multiple Species Versatility

Always be aware of the positive and negative influences on the fish in your area. You can consider the weather, moon phases, season of the particular species and the environment. Try to keep a log or chart of some type. Using this log or chart will help you to develop a better strategy that will ensure a successful fishing trip. The most important fact is if you don’t succeed to catch fish, don’t worry. Only kayaking is great fun itself.


Selecting The Kayak

Before buying a kayak for yourself you can ask yourself some questions and consider some facts. These facts are so important while choosing the right one for your targeted work. These facts are the place where you are want to fish, water types like fresh water or salt water, if in fresh water then is that a pond or lake or a big river, your targeted fish, your game type whether it is big game or bluegills. When you have all the answers, now you can have a suitable kayak for you. But there are some more considerations such as stability, comfortable seating, storage compartment facility and transporting the kayak. Considering these additional facts will allow you to choose the best option available for you.


Customize Your KayakImage result for Customize Your Kayak

Whether you are buying a new kayak or you already have one, it is important to customize your kayak according to your choice. The most important part of kayak fishing is comfortable backrest. So, adjust it to the position where you feel more comfortable. The main challenge to customize your kayak is to accommodate all your necessary equipment in it. So, while doing this task, keep this thing in your mind that your kayak has to be light and you have to accommodate all your necessary gears there.


Learn to Cast One-Handed

Anglers who used to fish from the bank might find it difficult to cast with one hand because they had the habit of casting from the bank or stable deck of a boat. There is a very tiny space between the sitting surface and the water. So, it is difficult to cast with one hand from that position. So, do more practice to cast with one hand because there is no better option than doing this.


Master The One-Handed PaddleImage result for Master The One-Handed Paddle

Just like casting with one hand, you also need to master the technique of paddling with one hand on a kayak. Paddling a kayak with both hands is pretty simple but with one hand, you need to do a lot of practice. When you are fighting with a fish, you need to hold the rod with one hand and paddle with others. So, before going there in the real scenario, practice to paddle with one hand first.


Don’t Be Afraid to Anchor

Don’t hesitate to anchor your kayak when the weather is windy and you are in the middle of a lake. Staying still and calm is the key to success in kayak fishing. So, whenever you need, just cast your anchor.



Some of you have tried kayaking and some tried fishing. Now it’s time to join these together and enjoy the complete thrill of them. I have described some very important tips for kayak fishing in the above post. I hope it will help you a lot to have a successful and exciting kayak fishing experience.


perjantai, 10. toukokuu 2019

How to Take Care of Steelhead Fishing Rod?

Image result for Take Care Fishing RodAfter coming back from a long day of fishing in the water, everyone wants to have a box full of fishes and it becomes hard to wait for those fishes. But if it is not your last fishing trip and you want to go fishing in the future, it’s important to clean your fishing rod immediately.

Steelhead fishing rod is used to catch salmon and steelhead. Like your other fishing gears, your steelhead fishing rod also needs some care and attention. In this article, I will tell you how you can take care of your steelhead fishing rod.


Taking Care of a Steelhead Fishing RodImage result for Take Care Fishing Rod

A fishing rod is a very important and useful equipment for fishing. You should take good care of your fishing rod to get the best result from it. In the below article, you will come to know about the process of taking care of a steelhead fishing rod.


Discard the Used Fishing LineImage result for Discard the Used Fishing Line

Fishing line is the most used part of a fishing rod. It becomes weaken after a full day of fishing because it slams into fish scales and rocks under the water. The harmful UV ray that comes from the sun can also harm your fishing line. The water weeds and salt water also makes the fishing line very weak.

When you will go fishing for the next day, it can be a real risk you are taking if you are still using the old fishing line. Just cut off the part of the line you used earlier. Start from the unused part in the new day.


Wash everything with fresh water

The very first thing you need to do after fishing is washing your all fishing gear with fresh water. All the muddy things and various elements from water should be washed with fresh cool water.

When you are fishing in the salt water, washing is very important because salt water can damage your steelhead fishing rod and other equipment quickly and easily. Salt water can be the reason of grit on your rod. You can put some water in a spray bottle and use it to clean your fishing rod.


Wipe Down the Rod and Reel with a Soft, Lint-free Cloth

After rinsing your rod and reel, you should wipe them down with a soft cloth or paper towel. This will help you to dry the remaining water and remove any remaining salt before you store the fishing rod.

Be sure to use a piece of fabric that will not leave any piece of fiber on the rod.


Make them look good

If you want the finishing of your rod to last longer and look better, wipe the blank off a couple of times a year with a pledge. It will help to repel water and make them shine. If your rod reaches extreme condition, you can use a carnauba based wax.


Spray Thin Coating of Lubricant on the Reel

If you want to protect your reel from dust and grit while sitting on the boat or inside your garage, you can spray a thin coat of reel lubricant on your rod. But make sure you don’t spray it into the reel’s gear mechanism. The spray will rinse away the grease from the steelhead fishing rod. Grease can increase the chance of reel locking. So, it is a useful technique to keep your rod fit.


Loosen the Drag between Fishing Trips

It is a very good idea to loosen the drag on your reel before storing it for the next fishing trip. It will reduce the tension on your rod, reel, and the line and will also increase the life of your rod.


Wash and Dry Your Lures after Each Use

Maybe your lures are not so expensive like the rod or the reel but it doesn’t mean you will not take proper care of them. There are many curves on a lure where sand and salt can hide easily. Salt and sand can make the lures damaged very soon. So, it is better to wash your lures after every time you use them.



When you are going to catch a salmon or a steelhead, a steelhead fishing rod can be the best option for you. If you take proper care of your fishing rod, it can serve you for a long period of time. So, try to follow the steps I have described above to keep your fishing rod in good condition.

perjantai, 10. toukokuu 2019

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